Bilberry Woods character Billy the Blackbird

Billy is a brilliant singer, but he is too shy to sing in public and only sings very early in the morning and late at night when he thinks that nobody can hear him. But little does he know that most of the inhabitants of Bilberry Woods stops to listen to him every time he sings.

He sings about the joys of life and the hardships of life, about broken hearts and mended hearts. About wind that rustles the leaves in the trees and rivers that run wild. About lakes’ mirror still waters and stormy seas. About rain that turns paths muddy and sun that bakes them dry. About flowers that turn their heads towards the sun and those that have withered away.

In fact there isn’t much that Billy doesn’t sing about.

Bilberry Woods character Billy the Blackbird felt soft sculpture.

His singing is so loved by everyone as you will always hear something that touches your soul on that particular moment and whatever it is, it fills you with joy and hope and happiness, no matter how hard your day has been or how nervous or anxious you may be about the coming day.

Otherwise Billy is a rather quiet, almost grumpy bird, certainly a bird with few words.

Likes: Watching black and white films and growing orchids in his greenhouse.

Dislikes: Talking and big crowds.

Motto: Music is food for the soul.

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