Bilberry Woods character Fleming the Arctic Fox soft sculpture, handmade from wool felt.

Fleming 's family runs Fleming's Lodge which is situated on the southern slope of the highest and the most popular ski slope in the area. This wonderful restaurant has been in the family for generations and many come just to visit the restaurant and leave the skiing for more eager ones like Hector the Arctic Hare.

Fleming Senior (Fleming the Arctic fox’s father) learned all his skills as a chef from his father, who learned from his father and so on and Fleming Senior is eagerly teaching all he knows to his son, Junior, but it is not going quite as planned as his son really wants to become a travel photographer.

Bilberry Woods character Fleming the Arctic Fox soft sculpture wondering where he could travel next as he would love to be a travel photographer one day.

Likes: Photography, travelling and collecting old cameras.

Dislikes: Cooking (but don’t tell Fleming’s dad!) and washing lasagna dishes.

Motto: How do you know what’s it like in other countries if you haven’t visited?

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