Bilberry Woods character Henry The Harvest Mouse wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

Henry the Harvest Mouse loves exploring Bilberry Woods with Findlay the Fox, not only because Findlay is a great friend of his, but also because Findlay has so many cool gadgets and stuff.

When they are exploring any new area of the vast Bilberry Woods and are not sure where they are, Henry runs to the top of the tallest tree and gets their coordinates. Findlay then records them to his path finder that he is working on at the moment and together they form an excellent exploration team and their adventures are endless.

Bilberry Woods character Henry the Harvest Mouse loves to eat uncooked cake mix | soft sculpture by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.

Henry also would like to become a pilot when he grows up and he is often talking about his prospects with Benny the Bat.

Likes: Planes and anything to do with aviation. Exploring woods. Trees – the taller the better – and eating uncooked cake mix.

Dislikes: Burnt toast, which happens often, and homework.

Motto: Never stop dreaming as dreams do come true!

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