Bilberry Woods character Mrs Mole as a sweet little paperweight gift.

Mrs Mole with her husband Mr Mole have a candle factory that produces the most exquisite beeswax candles.

The main entrance to the factory lies at the west side of Bilberry Woods not too far from the Village Hall, but the actual underground tunnels stretch far and wide with beeswax drop off points in all sorts of places. 

You might have even seen some in your garden and some mistakenly refers to them as mole hills, but you must realise that these are the points where the beeswax is dropped in by bumble bees.

Mr and Mrs Mole are always horrified to hear stories that in some places these hills get covered when they appear without understanding their real reason! 

Bilberry Woods character Mrs Mole soft sculpture paperweight handmade by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.

Nowadays Mr and Mrs Mole provide information packs for those who are worried about their gardens. Not that it is a problem in Bilberry Woods as everyone knows perfectly well how candle making works, but the packs are intended for those living in other parts of the world. 

These packs illustrate in detail the candle making process and how important the mole holes are to ensure that beeswax is delivered to the right place and in top condition.

Likes: Candle making, organising and being your own boss.

Dislikes: Not getting her own way and when tea cools down too quickly.

Motto: Never trust what others have done, but check it yourself.

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