Bilberry Woods character soft sculpture Onni the Polar Bear, handmade from wool felt.

Onni comes from the great Arctic bear family that has been living in the Arctic for as long as there has been the Arctic.

These polar bears are very much like their brown cousins, both having mystical qualities.

Onni is a Finnish word and means 'happiness' or 'luck' and his and his whole family's great ability is to bring good luck and fortune to those who are lucky enough to find them since they can be very elusive.

They’ve been much admired by sailors for their qualities of keeping the sails safe and the weather favourable.

Bilberry Woods character Onni the Polar Bear soft sculpture, handmade from wool felt.

Onni would have been heir to the Polar Bear crown, but he found the Arctic too black and white, well blue and white, and as he wanted to see more colour he travelled down to Bilberry Woods and opened a B&B.

Likes: Flowers and evergreen leaves.

Dislikes: Weather so cold that it makes your eye lids to freeze shut unless you blink all the time.

Motto: Good friends are worth more than anything else in the world.

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