Artist Laura Mirjami

Hello! My name is Laura Mirjami and I'm the creator of Bilberry Woods characters. 

I was born in Finland and the most of my inspiration comes from my childhood and love of animals and natural world. As a child I nursed injured birds, gave houses for caterpillars and even had a rescued red squirrel as a pet! And that was only the rescued animals! We had a family dog, guinea pigs, rats, fish and a giant snail called Doris!

My Summer holidays were spent by the lakes of sandy beaches that were surrounded by dark pine forest with roaming Bears, wise Owls, clever Foxes and other magical creatures that I would write stories about.

My upbringing also thought me to respect nature, each other and to embrace diversity and through my work of creating Bilberry Woods characters and writing stories about them, I'm trying to bring these great values together.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

My work has been shown in Liberty, Colette, Selvage Magazine and Bovey Tracey amongst other wonderful galleries and shops which you can find here on my CV.

Laura Mirjami