Croaker The Frog

Bilberry Woods storybook character Croaker the Frog handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg
Bilberry Woods character Croaker the Frog loves windsurfing..jpg

Croaker loves the River and the Lake and he is a superb river surfer. If it was up to him he would surf down the river all day long and hop back from one lily leaf to another at the dusk.

He also loves the Lake where he is often windsurfing and having lovely long swims. But Mrs Croaker doesn’t agree with this sort of time wasting and therefore he has to divide his time between the river and the household duties.

More often than not though he is seen to be basking on the rocks by the Lake whilst you can hear Mrs Croaker croaking somewhere up the River.

And if Croaker is not by the Lake or the River he would be in his little shed at the back of the house where he builds his wind and surfboards. They come in all sizes and shapes, some more successful than others and some certainly wouldn’t be any good on the water. But Croaker doesn’t mind, he loves making – the cutting, the sanding, the polishing and of course the decorating – so for him, it is all about the making and not so much about the end results. Plus if he makes loud enough noises he can’t hear Mrs Croaker calling him, hee hee.

LIKES: Wind surfing and river surfing, the smell of beeswax on a surf board and any drink with bubbles.

DISLIKES: Household duties and flat soda.

MOTTO: It’s worth waiting for the right wave.